While beautiful weather is welcome news to us all, it will require some extra caution on your part while running. Since we have not had temps this warm (low 70's) for many months, your body will not be adjusted. It takes about two weeks for your body to adapt to the heat and cool itself more efficiently. Please hydrate well before the race. You may need to slow your pace and reduce your intensity during the race. Also, pay attention to warning signs of overheating during the race.

Heat related illness symptoms can include: fatigue, nausea, headaches, excessive thirst, muscle aches and cramps, weakness, confusion or anxiety, drenching sweats, often accompanied by cold, clammy skin, slowed or weakened heartbeat, dizziness, fainting or agitation.

The Gate City Marathon employs an Event Alert System. A color-coded Event Alert System (EAS) will communicate the status of course conditions to participants on race day by the use of color-coded signs in the Start/Finish/Transition area. The levels range from Low (green) to Moderate (yellow) to High (red) to Extreme (black) based primarily on the weather, as well as other conditions.

Alert Level
Event Conditions
Recommended Actions
Event Cancelled/Extreme and Dangerous Participation stopped / Follow event
official instruction
High Potentially Dangerous Slow down / Observe course
changes / Follow event official
instruction / Consider Stopping
Less than ideal Slow Down / Be prepared for
worsening conditions
Low Good Enjoy the event / Be alert

Run safe and enjoy the event. Thanks for supporting the Gate City Marathon!

Mark Furler
Race Director
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